BRICS is an intergovernmental organization of countries that are commonly seen as the developing world’s version of the G7. However, the group’s power house is China, which is one of the most developed countries on the planet.

BRICS began as BRIC, an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China. It held its first summit in 2009. In 2010, South Africa joined, and the name was changed to BRICS. By early 2024, BRICS had 20 members, and more countries were clamoring to join.

Though BRICS originally focused on investment opportunites, it has evolved into a cohesive geopolitical bloc. BRICS differs from the G7 partly in that its members embrace non-interference, equality, and mutual benefit. Combined, BRICS’ members encompass about 30% of the world’s land surface and 45% of the global population.

BRICS created a New Development Bank, which offers some much needed competition for the Jews’ International Monetary Fund and World Bank. However, BRICS is best known as an advocate of dedollarization—a reduction of reliance on the U.S. dollar. Many countries favor dedollarization because of the dishonest games the U.S. and the Jews who control it play with money. Particularly onerous is the weaponization of money, often in the form of sanctions.

Accordingly, BRICS nations are seeking to replace the U.S. dollar with a new common currency. The feasibility and impact of such a gesture are debatable, with Western stooges laughing off such attempts. However, many people are warning that an already fragile U.S. economy will likely collapse if BRICS scuttles the dollar.

In the meantime, BRICS continues to grow, even as the G7 nations struggle. Argentina was slated to become a member of BRICS, a move that might have rescued its economy. However, it rejected membership after the election of Javier Milei, a right-wing Jew who was apparently installed by the Jews with the intention of wrecking Argentina’s economy even further while steering it away from China and towards its greatest enemies, the U.S. and Israel.

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The table below lists BRICS’ members, along with each country’s date of membership or application. Argentina and Indonesia were both invited to join BRICS but backed out.

BRICS Members ˆ
Country   Year
Algeria 3 2022
Bangladesh 3 2023
Belarus 3 2023
Bolivia 3 2023
Brazil 1 2006
China 1 2006
Cuba 3 2023
Egypt 2 2024
Ethiopia 2 2024
India 1 2006
Iran 2 2024
Kazakhstan 3 2023
Kuwait 3 2023
Palestine 3 2023
Russia 1 2006
Senegal 3 2023
South Africa 1 2010
United Arab Emirates 2 2024
Venezuela 3 2023
Vietnam 3 2023
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