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World War III? WW3 Checklist
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Belt and Road Initiative

What a strange title for a section of a website focusing on China! After all, China is the most peaceful giant you could ever hope to meet. Like the U.S., China once fought and lost a war against Vietnam. It also kicked Team USA’s butt during the Korean War.

Aside from that, the Chinese have pretty much steered clear of war while the U.S. has been busy invading and trashing one country after another, from Afghanistan to Libya to the dirty proxy war it now seems intent on fighting to the last Ukrainian.

Ironically, the U.S. has forced China to take off the gloves and transform itself into a military powerhouse. Even with China’s awesome new military leaving it in the dust, the U.S. government seems determined to provoke a war.

In the meantime, China is already winning a very different kind of war, battering the U.S. in the economic and high-tech arenas. Like its military, China’s economy is poised to leapfrog over the U.S. in search of new frontiers to conquer. Western media whores are still spreading the word that China is several generations behind the West in its bid to manufacture cutting edge computer chips. However, the Chinese are actually doing remarkably well and could dominate the computer chip industry faster than you think.

Then there’s that Chinese juggernaut that so many activists around the world have fallen in love with, TikTok. It might be an exaggeration to suggest that TikTok might be more powerful than an aircraft carrier, but it sure has the Jews running scared.

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