World War II

How can World War II be as important as mind control, conspiracy, and Jewarchy when it ended three quarters of a century ago?

World War True

For starters, WWII reeked of conspiracy, and the chief conspirators were the Jews. The Jews lied about the Holocaust, then manipulated their lies to create Israel. Adding insult to injury, alleged “Holocaust survivors” are still collecting Holocaust welfare while the Chinese who suffered far more than the Jews get nothing.

There are even some who believe the Jews were behind much of the Chinese suffering during WWII.

In the meantime, WWII shaped the world we live in today, and millions of people around the world are still brainwashed by the Jews’ lies. China is changing that, willfully or not.

Chinese government officials are doubtless aware of the Jews’ awesome power and are careful not to say things that might be misconstrued as anti-Jewish (aka “antisemitic”). On the other hand, how can one compete with the U.S. without competing with the Jews? How can one do business with Arab states without riling the Jews? One of China’s most exciting partners is Iran, which the Jews have long sought to destroy. China was also doing business with Libya when the Jews destroyed that fabled country.

Though countless Jewish media whores have slimed China, they’ve generally been careful to avoid mentioning the J-word. When a Jew bashes China, it usually looks like a regular American media whore bashing China. Similarly, the Israeli media have generally been very restrained in their criticism of China. However, I predict that the media whores will become more hostile as China continues downsizing the U.S. and pushing it out of the Middle East.

Could China indirectly threaten Israel’s very existence? Israel is virtually a fortress surrounded by enemies. It is currently fighting Hamas, Hezbollah, and Yemen’s Houthis and is virtually at war with Iran and Syria. Egypt and even Saudi Arabia could be lured into a war with Israel. Now imagine if those factions were armed with Chinese weapons. Imagine if there was one or maybe several Chinese military bases in the Middle East.

Ironically, China could be the Palestinians’ most powerful ally, even outshining the Arab states that have all too often done little to help the Palestinians.

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