Mind Control

Mind Control

Mind control is something I discuss in more detail on other sites, notably Politix Pro > Mind Control. I’m also working on a book(s) on the subject.

When studying China, just remember that there are powerful forces—primarily Jews—that are working hard to demonize China, just as they have demonized so many other groups, from the “Nazis” to Japanese Americans, Muslims to environmentalists. They want you to think of China as a country ruled by an evil, power-hungry, militaristic communist regime ruled by a dictator.

In fact, China largely abandoned communism—which isn’t entirely evil to begin with—in the 1970s. The government is no more authoritarian than that of the U.S., with its fake elections. China is far less militaristic than the U.S., and the Chinese people have in fact been remarkably peaceful for centuries.

These are some of the reasons countries around the world are abandoning the U.S. and joining hands with China. Just remember—the stories about China’s alleged genocide are manufactured by the Jews who have been carrying out a real genocide against the Palestinians for three quarters of a century.

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