Politix can be confusing, depressing, sleazy, and downright scary. However, it can sometimes be exciting and inspirational. For some people, it is always intriguing. Below are some videos that should give you something to think about.

The Viet Cong never called me nigger.

Muhammad Ali delivers one of the most potent anti-war speeches ever. I think it’s safe to say he did not support the troops.

Who taught you to hate yourself?

Malcolm X has been described as a black nationalist, but his words touched me deeply. You see, I grew up thinking I was half German and half Russian. Not until late in life did I discover that my grandparents on both sides of my family came from Germany. Were they goose-stepping Nazis?

About the same time, I was learning the truth about World War II, Adolf Hitler, and national socialism. I learned about the German people’s proud history of fighting the Roman Empire, the Catholic Mafia, and the Jews. Today, I am proud to call myself a German American.

Give me Liberty or Death!

A fiery, charismatic revolutionary, Che Guevara was a political pop star and is one of my biggest heroes. However, no one is perfect. Although I love socialism, in the broad sense of the term, did El Che err in embracing Marxism?

Military-Industrial Complex

I don’t regard Dwight D. Eisenhower as a great pResident, but his speech introducing the term “military-industrial complex” is simply amazing. Can you imagine a U.S. pResident giving such a speech today?

Viva the Revolution!

Jewish propagandists transformed Adolf Hitler—one of the most dynamic leaders who ever strode across the world stage—into a symbol of evil. However, if you study history and learn about the extraordinary forces the German people struggled against, you may see Hitler in a new light.

I’m certainly proud of my German roots, and I pray that Germany will once again win its freedom from the Jews who so tightly control and exploit it even today.

Whose right to exist?

Millions of people around the world are protesting against the Palestinian genocide being so brazenly carried out by the Jews. And the Jews wonder why everyone hates them.

With friends like these . . .

The U.S. aid gives more aid to Israel than any other country. So, what do we get in return?

Why are Americans so stupid?

I don’t believe the narrator says anything about the Jews who are masters of propaganda and brainwashing and who have also done so much to wreck America’s public schools. However, I won’t argue the fact that the U.S. is a nation of dunces.

“We came, we saw, he died!”

Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the murder of one of the world’s most dynamic leaders is symbolic of the U.S. government’s corruption and moral rot.

Who blew up the Nordstream pipeline?

This man believes the U.S. blew up Nordstream. And if you don’t believe him, check out this video at 1:40, where pResident Joe Biden says “We will bring an end to it” [Nordstream].

The U.S. Empire is Over

What an awesome commentary on the U.S. today!

Conspiracy Theory Smackdown

This may be the most awesome conspiracy video ever. Notice how it focuses on simple facts . . . though it does not mention Jews.